A client can expect to have about 12 prenatal visits with a midwife before their delivery. Midwives arrange any routine prenatal testing, blood tests, ultrasounds, genetic screenings and standard laboratory and diagnostic tests that you require and accept.

With low risk pregnancies most folks can choose to have their birth at home, in clinic, or at the hospital. Midwives in Ontario are trained for in hospital and out-of-hospital births, including births at home and birth centres.

Midwives provide support, education, instructions and resources on breast/chest-feeding. They provide personal assistance on techniques. Over 90% of midwifery clients have success with breast/chest-feeding after six weeks, when compared with the provincial average of around 60%.

KTM exists to deliver sexual and reproductive health care that is culturally safe and trauma aware. We are primary health care providers who predominantly support Indigenous families as well as our neighbors. We provide comprehensive preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum care, including expanded midwifery services based on community needs.