About Us
Mother-daughter midwifery team Carol Couchie and Rachel Dennis have a combined experience of more than 20 years. They are both members of Nipissing First Nation and they have worked on many First Nations and in large city centres across Canada. In July of 2013, together, with the assistance of second attendant Jane Collins, Carol and Rachel successfully opened a midwifery clinic in Powassan, Ontario.

We provide midwifery clinic services through our clinic on Nipissing First Nation, ON and at our satellite site in Powassan as well. Our mission is to provide quality midwifery care, support and guidance to pregnant people, their families, and communities in a safe and culturally appropriate setting open to traditional teachings and ceremonies. We honor and incorporate local indigenous (First Nation) knowledge in relation to the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical experiences of a pregnant person during their childbearing years. We endeavor to provide training and mentorship and provide an environment conducive to inter-professional development to initiate post-colonial and community-based healing and wellness in the area of maternal health and well-being.